Mrs. McMillan Kindergarten

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Kindergarten is such an exciting time for both students and family. It is a year full of excitement, learning, growth, and discovery.  We love to learn about our world through songs, play, and active movement.

Some of the things we will study include:

Reading: Unit 1 - Literacy - Building a love of reading, writing, and books

Unit 2 - Zoology - Discovering all about animals and what makes each of them unique

Unit 3 - Ecology - Discovering how living things adapt to and work with their environments

Unit 4 - Entomology - Discovering all about bugs and how they are important to our world

​Writing: ​We will learn how to use letters and words to tell a story, to teach about our chosen topic, and to give our opinions.​ 

Math: ​Counting and Number Recognition, Adding and Subtracting, Teen Numbers, Counting to 100 by ones and by tens, Measurement, Geometry and Shapes, and Sorting in different ways.

 ​Science: ​Science is integrated into our reading curriculum every day through the use of Guided Language Acquisition Design.  We also utilize hands on science kits.

​Social Studies: ​In Kindergarten, we learn about how to get along, how to be good citizens, and how to cooperate as a team.

​Social Skills:  ​We will work as a team to learn how to identify our emotions and how to manage them appropriately.  We learn how to help our classmates when they are having a tough time, and how to be a good friend.



Kelly McMillan

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I grew up in the area and I am so glad to be here. My grandparents live right across the river in Gifford. Growing up we spent a lot of time camping up by Hall Creek and fishing at Lake Ellen. 

I graduated from high school in Chewelah in 2004.  Then graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2009 with endorsements in both Elementary Education and Reading.