Local Assessments:

STAR Reading, Math, Early Literacy (Fall, Winter, and Spring; K-12)

DIBLES (Fall, Winter, and Spring; K-2)

State Assessments:

WaKIDS  (Fall)

ELPA21  (screener is in the Fall, annual testing is in March of current school year)

  There are 4 domains that students are tested on for the ELPA21: Reading, Writing Listening, and Speaking.  To pass the ELPA 21, students need to receive a 4 or 5 in each domain.  Click on the link below for more detailed scoring ranges.


Smarter Balanced  (Yearly in grades 3-12)

Timeline for state assessments:

  Students need to receive a 3 or 4 in order to pass each assessment.  To see passing scores for every grade, click on the link: