Constitution and Bylaws



We, the students of Inchelium High School, in order to promote school pride and spirit, obtain a better understanding of our rights, privileges, and responsibilities to ourselves, our parents, our instructors, and to our classmates, and to prepare ourselves for citizenship in our community, state, and nation, establish this Constitution of Inchelium High School in Inchelium, Washington.

The mascot of Inchelium High School shall be the hornet.

The school colors for Inchelium High School shall be Green and White.

The school fight song shall be

"Hey we're the Hornets

Give us a cheer

We'll show the (opposing team)

That Inchelium is here

We'll grab the ball

And go down and score

So watch the colors green and white

We're gonna win this game tonight

So up up to the top (boys or girls)

Score after score

We'll grab the ball

And give a mighty roar

Then we'll all stand up in the stadium

And cheer for green and white

So it's Hornets fight, fight, fight"


`All Associated Student Body members (further referred to as A.S.B.) must meet the following


I.An A.S.B. member must be officially enrolled in Inchelium High School.

II.Elected A.S.B. members must be enrolled in Inchelium High School for a minimum of one (1) year prior to assuming their terms of office.

III.Class and club representatives must be voted upon by the members of their individual class or club.

IV.A.S.B. members must meet and conform with Inchelium school rules and regulations.

V. An A.S.B. member must be a member in good standing within his/her class and/or club (good standing refers to conduct and g.p.a. )


I. The Associated Student Body Officers shall be the following:

A. A President who shall be a member in good standing of the Senior Class.

B. A Vice-President who shall be a member in good standing of the Senior Class.

C. A Secretary who shall be a member in good standing of either the Junior or Senior Class.

D. A Treasurer who shall be a member in good standing of freshmen class through Senior Class.

E. A Seargeant at Arms who shall be a member in good standing of freshmen class through senior class.

F. A Junior High School Representative:

1. Who shall be a member of the eighth, seventh and sixth (8th, 7th and 6th) grade.

2. Who shall have full voting rights and privileges.

II. Vacancies on the A.S.B. shall be filled in the following manner:

A. If a President is excused from A.S.B., his/her duties will be assumed by the Vice-President.

B. If a Vice-President is excused from the A.S.B., his/her duties will be assumed by the President.

C. In cases of dismissal from the A.S.B., the Secretary, Seagent at Arms and Treasurer will assume each other's duties as well as his/her own.

D. Class of Club representatives will be replaced by their respective Class or Club in a manner to be decided by that class or Club.

III. Removal of any member from A.S.B. office shall be done by the following process:

A. All A.S.B. members are entitled to due process procedures prior to dismissal from the A.S.B.

B. All A.S.B. officers and members shall be expected to maintain a 2.0 grade-eligibility and no F's, as per Inchelium school guidelines. If this average is not maintained, the officer of member shall be temporarily suspended until his/her G.P.A. has been brought to a satisfactory level.

C. Any A.S.B. officer or member must be in school and attending school classes for a minimum of four (4) class hours daily. If a student does not have an outside job, it is recommended that she/she will be in school for all seven (7) class periods.

D. If an A.S.B. officer or member does have an outside job, he/she must make arrangements with his/her employer so that he/she can attend A.S.B. meetings if they fall within his/her working hours.

E. Chronic absenteeism from A.S.B. meetings shall constitute grounds for dismissal from the A.S.B.

1. Absenteeism shall be defined as unexcused absences resulting in failure to execute assigned duties and/or failure to execute assigned duties and/or failure to participate in regular or special A.S.B. meetings.

2. The following are considered excused absences:

a. Other school activities (i.e. extra class labs, sports trips, Academic Olympics, class or club conferences, F.F.A., etc.)

b. Teacher refusal to excuse student from class to attend meeting for any and all valid reasons.

c. Parental excuses

d. Illness

e. Prior permission for an absence granted by A.S.B. Advisor(s).

f. All absences are to be governed by Inchelium School District.

IV. Election of officers will be held in the following manner:

A. Eligibility will be based on a 2.0 G.P. A. (grade point average) and no F's at the end of the second grading period.

B. The school counselor shall determine a 2.5 qualifying G.P.A.

C. All students eligible to run for A.S.B. office will be notified in writing by the A.S.B. during the first week in February, or as close to this date as possible.

D. Any student receiving a letter of academic eligibility to run for office has one week to reply accepting the nomination within one (1) week of receiving the letter.

E. Any student qualifying to run for office under Section I of Officers may be permitted to run for an office. A candidate may run an election campaign during the week prior to the election.

F. General elections shall be held before the end of February.

G. An assembly will be held at which time each candidate shall give a 2 minute speech to introduce himself/herself, and explain what office he/she is running for, and why.

H. The entire high school student body plus the eighth (8th) grade (incoming Freshmen) shall have voting privileges.

I. Ballots shall be collected and counted by the current President, Vice-President, and A.S.B. Advisor(s). Results will be announced and posted by the end of Election Day.

J. Incoming officers are invited to attend A.S.B. meetings as non-voting members for the remainder of the school year. If an incoming officer is a member of the current A.S.B., he/she shall retain all voting rights and privileges.

V. Powers and duties of the Inchelium High School A.S.B. are as follows:

A. Approve all student activities

B. Conduct Student Body Elections

C. Establish and maintain a school calendar of events

D. Promote school and community public relations

E. Authorize the establishment of clubs and activities for all of Inchelium School

F. Sponsor activities to promote academic achievement and promote school spirit Ie. Referees uniform and equipment


Amendments to the Inchelium High Schools' constitution shall be done in the following manner:

I. Any class, club, or individual wishing to institute change in the Constitution of Inchelium High School shall submit, in writing, the proposed change to the A.S.B.

II. The A.S.B. will then convene a special meeting at which time representatives of the class, club, or individual desiring a change shall be present to explain and/or defend the proposed change.

III. The A.S.B. shall then consider the change and vote. A two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the A.S.B. will indicate passage of the proposed change.

IV. The proposal will then be presented to the high school student body of the school in a special assembly to be called by the A.S.B.

V. Within one (1) week a special election will be held. A two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the high school student body will indicate passage of the amendment.


Ratification of this Constitution shall be done in the following manner:

I. There will be a general assembly called for the entire Inchelium High School Student Body as well as the eighth (8th) grade (incoming Freshman Class).

II. The Student Body President will explain the purpose of the Constitutional change and the voting procedure.

III. The classes will be dismissed back to their homerooms where individual copies of the Constitution will be passed out to each student.

IV. An interim period of one (1) week will be given for consideration of the proposed Constitution.

V.The vote will be called one (1) week after the general assembly.

VI. A two-thirds (2/3) vote of the present student body is necessary for ratification of the Constitution.

VII. The A.S.B. officers will count the ballots and post the results before the end of the same school day.


I. Duties of the Officers:

A. President

1. Set the agenda for each meeting

2. Run the meeting according to the agenda

3. Direct the meeting

a. Accept motions

b. Direct discussions. ONE PERSON AT A TIME!

c. Call for a vote: yes, no, abstentions

4. Have all handout materials ready before the beginning of the meeting.

B. Vice President

1. Help set the agenda

2. Direct discussion and the vote when the President wants to speak on a motion.

3. Help hand out materials for the meeting.

4. Conduct the meeting for the President if he/she is absent.

C. Secretary

1. Keep an accurate and complete record of all business done at all meetings (including who who attended).

2. Keep all minutes and memos in a special folder.

3. Read minutes clearly and carefully at each meeting

4. Submit minutes to President for Principal's approval.

D. Treasurer

1. Keep track of ALL receipts from the office for money made and spent between meetings.

2. Announce how much money was made, and how much money was spent on each fundraising project.

3. Announce the balance of the ASB account at every meeting.

4. Fill out all forms necessary for ASB fundraising.

E. Sargent at Arms

1. Focus all ASB meetings-Keep the attention focused on agenda, allowing discussion ONE PERSON AT A TIME!

2. Focus crowd at assemblies.

3. Will be assembly coordinator for all assemblies.

F. Class and Club Representatives

1. Shall serve as liaison between their respective organizations and the A.S.B.

2. Any requests to the A.S.B. are forwarded through these representatives.

3. Any action taken by A.S.B. is reported to class or club by representative.

II. Due Process Procedure

A. Admonition defined: An admonition will be made to the individual by an officer before the matter is brought up at a general meeting. This admonition will include the allegation in writing. It should be noted that the person receiving the admonition be guaranteed the following rights:

1. The right to privacy.

2. The right to be advised of expected behavior and/or responsibilities.

3. The right to an interim period during which improvement and/or corrections can be made.

B. Procedure to be followed at a general meeting following an unsatisfactory admonition:

1. An officer/member initiates proceedings by introducing it to the A.S.B.

2. Majority vote by the A.S.B. to call for a hearing.

3. A panel will be set up for the hearing. The following is the procedure for the hearing:

a) A strike list may be made up before the meeting by officers asking for impartial (anyone not in A.S.B..) Junior and Senior students who would agree to serve on a panel for a possible A.S.B. hearing.

b) A list of seven (7) students would be appropriate.

c) A list of high school teachers other than A.S.B. advisor(s) could be made at this time.

d) The panel chosen from both strike lists should consist of two (2) students and one (1) teacher.

4. The A.S.B. Advisor(s) could, at the request of the Student council, oversee the strike lists during the A.S.B. meetings.

5. The date for the hearing shall be set during the A.S.B. meeting not more than five (5) days from the A.S.B. meeting in which the official allegation is made.

6. The hearing officers (panel) will conduct a hearing in which allegations are presented and the individual has ample opportunity to respond. The individual shall have the right to be accompanied by a representative or someone to assist him/her.

7. A decision will be rendered by the panel no later than five (5) days after the hearing. It will be in writing, signed by the panel members, and presented to the A.S.B.

8. An appeal to a higher authority made by made by either party. This would involve a Principal's hearing.

III. Sanctioned Clubs and Organizations

A. Any new club must follow Inchelium School Guidelines before becoming recognized by the A.S.B.

B. Recognized Class and Organizations' obligations:

1. ABS is responsible for carnival, Earth day root beer floats.

2. The Junior class will be responsible for the Junior-Senior Prom.

C. Yearbook, Gear Up, Senior Class, Junior Class, Sophomore Class, Freshmen Class, as well as all WIAA sanctioned sports.

D. Every class and club shall do a minimum of one (1) community service projects per year for a minimum of one per school year.

IV. Academic Awards Assembly Guidelines:

A. The A.S.B. will sponsor an Awards assembly in the spring for the purpose of honoring outstanding students in various areas.

B. The Student Council is directly responsible for attendance awards, academic excellence awards, and class service awards.

1. One person per class shall receive an attendance award

2. Academic excellence awards shall be based on cumulative G.P.A.s as follows:

a) Freshmen: 3.9

b) Sophomores: 3.8

c) Juniors: 3.7

d) Seniors: 3.6

3. Class service awards shall be given to one individual per class who has donated the most time and service to his/her class.

C. Clubs, classes, and other organization shall be given the option of presenting their own awards at the assembly.

V. Guidelines for Fundraising:

A. All requests, grade sixth through grade twelve, for fundraising activities, will be submitted to the A.S.B. for approval. All requests will be addressed on a first come- first served basis, and will be approved or denied following these guidelines:

1. Requests may be submitted up to ninety (90) days prior to the date of the event in question. Requests must be submitted at least two weeks before scheduled activity.

2. The prioritization of funding requests gives primary consideration to those organ- izations, classes, clubs, or activities that are directly related to the school.

3. Secondary consideration will be given to those organizations in which students are members but which are administered by local, regional, state, or national offices outside the school.

4. Any elementary that does not affect the entire school (i.e. elementary bake sales, etc.) need not be passed through Student Council. However, if an activity affects more than part of the school and/or the community, it must be presented to the A.S.B.

5. Raffles will be considered on a case by case basis and may, with A.S.B. approval, overlap (Tribal Gaming License renewal required)

6. Sales of merchandise of any kind must be approved by A.S.B. Some class sales may overlap one another if approved by A.S.B.

7. Provisions "1" and "2" above shall not apply to performances of music, art, drama, dance, or athletic groups for which admission is charged.

8. Organization not governed by the A.S.B. may not advertise fundraising

activities in the school, nor conduct fundraising activities within the school without prior approval from the A.S.B.

9. The Principal and/or A.S.B. Advisor(s) retain full power of veto over any fundraising activities.

10. ASB will retain ten percent (10%) of profits from all ASB approved activities. This money will be used to stock "Hornet's Nest". After "Hornet's Nest" is stocked the excess monies will be allocated to Athletics.

11. All appropriate forms must be filled out and signed off on in compliance with state ASB fund raising PRIOR to the activity.

12. Failure to comply with "Guidelines For Fundraising" will result in a 25% loss of funds from fundraiser on top of 10% ASB retains for restocking.

VI. School Dance Guidelines

A. The class, club, or organization sponsoring a dance must have prior approval from the A.S.B. and the Principal.

B. A list of chaperones must be submitted with the dance request. The chaperones, must initial the request.

C. The sponsor of the dance must notify the Tribal Police Office at least three (3) days prior to the dance and have initialized acknowledgement.

D. A school dance form must be filled out before the actual dance and be returned to the A.S.B. with accompanying signatures.

E. The sponsor is responsible for clean up and return of all borrowed equipment.
Anything that is lost, broken, or destroyed must be replaced at the expense of the sponsors.

This Constitution was originally written and adopted by the Inchelium Associated Student body Combined Schools Student Council of l997-1998.

Revised: 2013-2014

2013-2014   Revised the following:

Constitiution: Preamble, Membership, Officers, Amendment Process, Ratification

BY-Laws: Duties of officers, Due Process Procedure, Sanctioned Clubs and Organizations, Guidelines for Fundraising, School Dance Guidelines

Date Added 5/22/2014

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