School Board Policy

Table of Contents - Updated-04232020

1000 Series - The Board of Directors

P1000 BP - Legal Status and Operation Board Policy

P1105 BP - Electoral System
P1105 PR - Procedure for Creating an Electoral System

P1255 BP - Board Protocol Board Policy

P1400 BP - Meeting Conduct, Order of Business, and Quorum Board Policy
P1400 PR - Meeting Notices, Recess, and Continuation Procedure & Rules

P1420 BP - Proposed Agenda and Consent Agenda Board Policy
P1420 PR - Agenda Format Procedure & Rules

P1450 BP - Minutes Board Policy

P1712 BP - Conflicts of Interest--2nd Class Districts Board Policy

P1805 BP - Open Government Trainings Board Policy

2000 Series - Instruction

P2020 BP - Course Design, Selection and Adoption of Instructional Materials Board Policy

P2020 PR - Course Design, Selection and Adoption of Instructional Materials, Preview, and Protests Procedure & Rules

P2022 BP - K20 Network Acceptable Use Guidelines/Internet Safety Requirements Board Policy
P2022 PR - Electronic Resources and Internet Safety Procedures & Rules

P2027 BP - District Ownership of Staff Created Work Board Policy
P2027 PR - Determining District Ownership of Staff Created Work Procedure & Rules

P2161 BP - Special Education and Related Services for Eligible Students Board Policy
P2161 PR - Special Education and Related Services for Eligible Students Procedures & Rules
P2162 BP - Education of Students With Disabilities Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Board Policy
P2162 PR - Meeting the Needs of Students with Disabilities under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Procedures & Rules

P2190 BP - Highly Capable Programs Board Policy
P2190 PR - Highly Capable Instructional Programs Procedures & Rules

P2410 BP - Graduation Requirements Board Policy
P2140 PR - Entry into High School, Earning High School Credit, Course Equivalency, Waivers, Appeals, and High School Graduation Ceremony Procedures & Rules

P2414 BP - Community Service Board Policy
P2414 PR - Culminating Project Procedure & Rules

P2418 BP - Waiver of High School Graduation Credits Board Policy
P2418 PR - Waiving High School Graduation Credits Procedure & Rules

P2420 BP - Grading and Progress Reports Board Policy

3000 Series - Students

P3115 BP - Homeless Student Enrollment Rights and Services Board Policy

P3115 PR - Enrollment Rights and Services for Homeless Childern and Youth Procedures & Rules

P3116 BP - Students in Foster Care Board Policy
P3116 PR - Foster Care Students Procedures & Rules

P3200 BP - Student Rights and Responsibilities Board Policy

P3205 BP - Student Conduct Board Policy
P3205 PR - Standards of Conduct Procedures & Rules

P3210 BP - Nondiscrimination Board Policy
P3210 PR - Nondiscrimination - Students Procedures & Rules

P3220 BP - Freedom of Expression Board Policy
P3220 PR - Student Expression Procedures & Rules

P3231 BP - Student Records Board Policy
P3231 PR - Managing Student Records Procedures & Rules

P3241 BP - Classroom Management, Corrective Actions or Punishment Board Policy
P3241 PR - Student Discipline Procedures & Rules

P3242 BP - Closed Campus Board Policy

P3246 BP - Restraint, Isolation and Other Uses of Reasonable Force Board Policy
P3246 PR - Application of Restraint, Isolation, and Other Uses of Reasonable ForceProcedures & Rules

P3247 BP - Required Notification of Isolation or Restraint of Students with IEPs or Section 504 Plans Board Policy
P3247 PR - Notification of Isolation or Restraint Procedures & Rules

P3311 BP - Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Board Policy

P3320 BP - Students and Telecommunications Devices Board Policy
P3320 PR - Student Use of Telecommunications Devices Procedure & Rules

P3410 BP - Student Health Board Policy

P3412 BP - Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) Board Policy
P3412 PR - Use of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) Procedures & Rules

P3413 BP - Student Immunization and Life Threatening Health Conditions Board Policy
P3413 PR - Immunizations, Exemptions, and Exclusion from School Procedures & Rules

P3414 BP - Infectious Diseases Board Policy
P3414 PR - Addressing Infectious Diseases Procedures & Rules

P3416 BP - Medication at School Board Policy
P3416 PR - Administering Medication at School Procedures & Rules

P3417 BP - Catherterization Board Policy
P3417 PR - Catherterization Procedures Procedures & Rules

P3418 BP - Response to Student Injury or Illness Board Policy
P3418 PR - Responding to Student Injury or Illness Procedure & Rules

P3419 BP - Accommodating Students with Diabetes Board Policy

P3420 BP - Self-Administration of Asthma and Anaphylaxis Medications Board Policy
P3420 PR - Self-Administering of Asthma and Anaphylaxis Medications Procedure & Rules

P3421 BP - Anaphylaxis Prevention and Response Board Policy
P3421 PR - Anaphylaxis Prevention Procedure & Rule

P3422 BP - Student Sports - Concussion, Head Injury and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Board Policy
P3422 PR - Management of Concussion Head Injury, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Procedure & Rules

P3423 BP - Child Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation Prevention Board Policy

P3423 PR - Prevention, Reporting, and Indicators of Child Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation Procedure & Rules

P3510 BP - Associated Student Body Board Policy
P3510 PR - Structure and Financial Management of ASB Programs Procedures & Rules

P3520 BP - Student Fees, Fines, or Charges Board Policy
P3520 PR - Assessing Student Fees, Fines, Charges Procedures & Rules

P3530 BP - Fundraising Activities Involving Students Board Policy
P3530 PR - Fundraising Involving Students Procedures & Rules

4000 Series - Community Relations

P4040 BP - Public Access to District Records Board Policy
P4040 PR - General Principles for Access Procedures & Rules

P4120 BP - School Support Organizations Board Policy
P4120 PR - Recognition of School Support Organizations Procedure & Rule

P4130 BP - Title I Parent Involvement Board Policy
P4130 PR - Parental Involvement Procedures & Rules

P4200 BP - Safe and Orderly School Environment Board Policy
P4200 PR - Safe and Orderly Learning Environment Procedure & Rules

P4312 BP - Resolving Problems/Complaints/Grievances Involving Staff or Programs Board Policy
P4312 PR - Informal and Formal Procedures and Investigations Involving problems/Complaints/Grievances of Staff or Programs Procedures & Rules

P4314 BP - Notification of Threats of Violence or Harm Board Policy
P4314 PR - Handling Notification of Threats of Violence or Harm Procedure & Rules

P4315 BP - Regulation of Dangerous Weapons on School Premises Board Policy

P4330 BP - Use of Building, Equipment, and Grounds Board Policy
P4330 PR - School Building, Equipment, and Grounds Use by Non-School Organizations/Personnel Procedures & Rules

5000 Series - Personnel

P5001 BP - Employee Expectations for Conduct Board Policy

P5002 BP - Hiring of Retired School Employees Board Policy

P5005 BP - Employment and Volunteers: Disclosures, Certification Requirements, Assurances and Approval Board Policy

P5010 BP - Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action Board Policy
P5010 PR - Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action - Personnel Procedures & Rules

P5011 BP - Sexual Harassment Board Policy
P5011 PR - Sexual Harassment Complaint Process Procedures & Rules

P5021 BP -  Conflicts between Policy and Collective Bargaining Agreements Board Policy

P5050 BP - Contracts  Board Policy

P5150 BP - Employee Insurance Benefits Board Policy

P5140 BP - Supervisory Staff Board Policy

P5190 BP - Continuing Education Agency Board Policy
P5190 PR - Continuing Education Clock Hours Procedures & Rules

P5223 BP - Remote Work/Telecommuting Board Policy

P5251 BP - Conflicts of Interest Board Policy

P5253 BP - Maintaining Staff/Student Professional Boundaries Board Policy
P5253 PR - Staff/Student Boundaries

P5256 BP - Non-Represented Classified Staff Vacation or Annual Leave and Holiday Pay Board Policy

P5270 BP - Resolution of Staff Complaints Board Policy
P5270 PR - Resolution of Staff Complaints Procedures & Rules

P5281 BP - Disciplinary Action and Discharge Board Policy
P5281 PR - Procedures for Disciplinary Action and Discharge Procedures & Rules

P5315 BP - Garnishment and Personal Credit Problems Board Policy
P5315 PR -District Compliance with Writ of Garnishment Procedures & Rules

P5341 BP - Reimbursement for District Related Travel Board Policy

P5401 BP - Sick Leave Board Policy

P5403 BP - Emergency and Discretionary Leaves Board Policy

P5404 BP -  Family, Maternity and Military Caregiver Leave Board Policy

P5405 BP - Military Leave Board Policy
P5405 PR - Applying for Military Leave Procedures & Rules

P5408 BP -  Jury Duty and Subpoena Leave Board Policy

P5409 BP - Unpaid Holidays for Reason of Faith or Conscience Board Policy

P5440 BP - Teacher on Special Assignment Board Policy

P5610 BP - Substitute Employment Board Policy
P5610 PR - Substitute Employment Procedures & Rules

P5612 BP - Temporary Administrators Board Policy

P5630 BP - Volunteering Board Policy
P5630 PR - Volunteers Procedure & Rules

P5641 BP - Student Teachers Board Policy

P5642 BP - Administrative Internships Board Policy

6000 Series - Financial Management and Planning

P6020 BP - Systems of Funds and Accounts Board Policy
P6020 PR - Management of Funds and Accounts Procedures & Rules

P6030 BP - Financial Reports Board Policy

P6100 BP - Revenues from Local, State, and Federal Sources Board Policy
P6100 PR - Federal Revenue Sources Procedures & Rules

P6101 BP - Federal Cash and Financial Management Board Policy
P6101 PR - Federal Cash and Financial Management Procedures Procedures & Rules

P6106 BP - Allowable Costs for Federal Programs Board Policy
P6106 PR - Assuring Allowable Costs for Federal Programs Procedures & Rules

6200 Series - Purchasing

P6212 - Credit Card Usage Board Policy

P6220 BP - Procurement Board Policy
P6220 PR - Bid Requirement Process Procedure & Rules

6300 Series - District Facility & Equipment Usage

P6312 BP - Rental of Music Instruments Board Policy
P6312 PR - Music Instrument Rental Procedures & Rules

6600 Series - Transportation

P6600 BP - Pupil Transportation Board Policy
P6600 PR - Distance, Route, & Bus Stop Guidelines Procedures & Rules

P6605 BP - Student Safety Walking, Biking, and Riding Buses Board Policy
P6605 PR - Student Transportation Safety Procedures & Rules

P6608 BP - Video Cameras on School Buses Board Policy
P6608 PR - Use of Video Cameras on School Buses Procedures & Rules

P6620 BP - Special Transportation Board Policy
P6620 PR - Special Use of Buses Procedures & Rules

P6625 BP - Private Vehicle Transportation Board Policy

P6630 BP - Driver Training and Responsibility Board Policy

P6640 BP - School-Owned Vehicles Board Policy

6700 Series - Wellness

P6700 BP - Nutrition and Physical Fitness Board Policy
P6700 PR - Promoting District-wide Wellness Procedure & Rules

6800 Series - Property

P6890 BP - State Environmental Policy Act Compliance Board Policy

6900 Series - Facilities

6925 BP - Architect and Engineering Services Board Policy
6925 PR - Selection of Architect and Engineering Services Procedures & Rules

7000 Series - Non-Instructional Operations

P7231 BP - Administration of Impact Aid Funds Board Policy
P7231 PR - Procedures to Implement the Administration of Federal Impact Aid Funds (Indian Lands) Procedures & Rules