GearUP Career Trip

GEAR UP Career Trips
Posted on 11/15/2019
Students sitting on Heavy MachineryOne of the biggest events this month was the Wagstaff Inc. career trip for high school students. It was a fabulous workshop with 140 students from the surrounding Spokane area that came out for the tour. The students not only got to see all the different jobs available at Wagstaff, but also received lots of swag to take home.
• Oct 14th marked GEAR UP's WSU campus visit for high school students. Along with touring the campus, the students had the privilege of attending Indigenous People's Day events at WSU. Another special treat for the students was checking out a couple of dorm rooms from two attending students (one is an alumni).
• On Oct 23rd the Spokane International Airport took a small group of high school students on a tour of the airport where they learned what jobs the airport offers (they may not be what you think) and some of the important roles for keeping travelers safe.
• Oct 24th Construction Career Day trip for high school students. Our high school students that attended were treated to personalized attention on all the heavy equipment they operated and construction tools they were able to use. They also received information from companies and schools for training and jobs in the construction area.