Football Field Improvement Project Update

Football Field Improvement Project Update
Posted on 12/10/2019
Fresh Soil Field

Superintendent's Message on the use of Technology:

'Kilroy was here' is a military slogan that dates back to World War II.  It was used by American soldiers to trick enemy troops about troop movement in Europe.  The slogan may even date back further to World War I and the British.  We have our very own Kilroy in Inchelium keeping communication flowing about progress on equipment and machine movement on the Football Field Improvement Project.

As machines and equipment moved in and out of the football field for our improvement projector, I received daily reconnaissance communication on the progress.  Through, it was apparent that rapid progress was made although starting late, the weather held up.  As the last bit of work goes into  finishing the field, I can relay this important information to you on the use of technology used in construction.

 The technology is out of this world, teetering on space age technology.  A topographical map was taken to determine elevations so the field could be excavated level.  A computer model was then constructed to interface with the each moving equipment that moved dirt down to grade, then replenish the topsoil to finish grade.  The equipment operators guided the machine as it moved straight ahead while the blade adjusts to the correct angle and position in relation to the computer generated model.

Light poles were placed no the field through GPS (Global Positioning System).  Prior to the poles going up, the position of the lights were pre-set to assure correct coverage of the field.  The lights were also hung as the properly set angle.  Even the goal posts were placed by GPS.

Sensors are the control feature of the sprinkler system.  They allow more water to be laid on the field when dry in an area and reduce flow for areas that are too damp.  If a pipe leaks, the groundskeeper will be able to pinpoint the leak and repair it quickly.

Wow, state of the art, here!  We all enjoy technology for communication and social media in the community.  The football field is another way technology is used to improve our community, facility, and lives.  Back to Kilroy!  In our community his name is Leroy as in Leroy Hicks, Director of Operations.  If this article gave you a few interesting details about the update, then connect with our very own Kilroy for more!