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    Book Mobile Schedule:     ...summer schedule hasn't been set yet.

    Erate information:   We are currently accepting bids for internal connections,  network maintenance, and phone service.  Email your bid to egrim@inchelium.wednet.edu or call 722.6181 ext.106

    We are always happy to check books out to the community.  Our hours are from 8:00 - 3:30.
      722-6181 ext.106

    New Books
    Going Bovine     Young Adult                                                              Spooner       Mature Reader        
    The Lost Conspiracy  fantasy                                                             Midnight Whispers     VC Andrews
    Bubble Trouble  K-3                                                                             Liar             Young Adult
    In the Town all Year Round  K-3                                                          Lips Touch:  Three Times  Young Adult
    Neither Wolf nor Dog  Native American                                                Marcelo in the Real World  Middle School  YA
    Twilight Series  (We purchased another copy of each)                          Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks YA
    Wayside School series                                                                              The Good Soldiers  YA
    Charles and Emma  Young Adult                                                             The Imaginary Garden Middle School
    100 Cupboards book 1  Junior Fiction                                                     Punkzilla   Primary
    Dope Sick  YA                                                                                          Ghosts at War  YA
    Purple Heart  YA                                                                                       North of Beautiful   YA
    The Devil's Paintbox  YA                                                                          Wild Girl  YA
    The Sorceress  fantasy                                                                                Glass Houses   YA
    11 Birthdays                                                                                               Oscar de la Hoya   Ya
    Higher! Higher!   primary                                                                            Alex and Lulu  primary
    The Ice Dragon primary                                                                              Zenith
    Fire                                                                                                               Found
    Bubble Homes primary                                                                                Blood Promise YA
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