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The School Board's Expectations of Coaches:

  1. Demeanor - A professional manner should be conveyed at all times. There should be no outbursts of anger demonstrated either verbally or physically to officials, players, other coaches or fans. You are an official ambassador for the Inchelium Hornets and we EXPECT you to act as such.
  2. Communication - We need every coach to communicate positively and clearly to all players and community members. Lines of communication developed by our coaching staff can open doors and opportunities for strong, positive relationships with students as well as members of the community. Your positive (or negative) remarks can leave lasting impressions on individuals. Please understand and recognize the importance of all your comments, in person or on media, such as Facebook.
  3. Coaching Student-Athletes - Our kids are the reason we are all here. We should all be acutely aware of the necessity to build and develop a "complete package" in every student who passes through the halls of Inchelium. The "complete package" as far as the sports program is concerned is not limited to just honing athlete's athletic abilities. It is inclusive of their academic endeavors, their acceptance of the eligibility code, the development of their self-esteem, acknowledgment of successes and failures, etc. You, as a coach and important role model, are an intricate part of developing this package. We expect and appreciate your efforts to create strong, self-reliant young adults.
  4. School's Public Relations - Every employee and volunteer to this district carries the responsibility of promoting good public relations to the community of Inchelium. Everything you do while representing the Inchelium Hornets is a direct reflection on the district. It is a responsibility that we all share and must not take lightly. High ethics and strong role models are essential in developing our students and athletes to their highest potential and critical in creating positive relations with our community. Please be cognizant of this at all times.
  5. Positive Reinforcement for Student-Athletes - Most people are very aware that positive comments create positive attitudes and high self-esteem. We are only interested in coaches and employees who produce confident and positive attitudes in the kids.
  6. Balance Corrections with Positive Statements - We fully understand that correcting is necessary and essential in running a strong, successful sports program. We expect every effort to be made to reinforce discipline with positive feedback.
  7. No Running Up the Score - An intricate piece of developing self-esteem and self-image is making every athlete feel important and vital to the team. At the varsity level, there will be some competitions where the skill level of the two teams playing will be lopsided. In these instances, we would hope that every athlete would see playing time. In every competition, we expect an effort to be made to play each athlete to the best of your ability.
  8. Strong Role Model - In accepting this coaching position, you are agreeing to be a strong, positive role model to the athletes on your team and to all the students in our district. Your ethics should be beyond reproach. We anticipate quality behavior and quality coaching, which includes riding the bus to and from contests unless approved by the administration (athletic director, principal, superintendent).
  9. Meeting Coaching Standards - As a member of the WIAA (Washington Interscholastic Activities Association) the district expects its coaches to keep current in meeting coaching standards. These standards include a First Aid/CPR/AED Card, concussion and cardiac arrest training, coaching level, sport rules clinic, and WIAA rules. Meeting the standards will help you become a trained and qualified coach.

As a board, we will support your efforts as you endeavor to follow the above guidelines. We look forward to a successful and positive season with you as our head coach.

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