Employee Safety

Employee Safety


Report an Employee Incident

Inchelium School District No. 70 is a member of the Educational Service District No. 101 Workman's Compensation Cooperative. When an district employee is involved with an accident that occurs during work duties, an Incident Investigation Form is required to be completed electronically. Instructions can be accessed by clicking here.

The Incident Investigation form can be accessed by clicking here.


Report a Workplace Hazard

The district has a Safety Committee that meets four or more times per year to discuss employee safety.  An employee who identifies a safety hazard are encouraged to report a hazard through a workplace report form.  Click on anyone of  the links below to report a hazard:

Through Paper Form:  Hazard Report

Through Electronic Form:  Electronic Hazard Report Form

Through email:  [email protected]


Employee Safety Training

Inchelium School District utilizes SafeSchools Training by Vector to train staff in safety procedures.  The first link below is the proposed trainings.  Click on the second link below to gain access to the training website.

Proposed Safe Schools Courses



Material Safety Data Sheet